About Me

Get to know Jeremy Hisaw, LCSW.As a psychotherapist and life coach, my priority is to help my clients find resolution to the distress that complicates their ability for happiness, progress, and growth.  Generally, my clients enlist the services of a psychotherapist or life coach when they are struggling with a mental health concern or when they are experiencing a stressful life change or transition. My clients also utilize psychotherapy and life coaching to explore and resolve conflict related to family, work, or relationships.

Through a predominantly cognitive behavioral and solution-focused therapeutic approach, I teach my clients the skills they need to make necessary changes in their lives.  I accomplish this by utilizing evidence-based interventions that result in better coping and communication techniques, as well as better conflict resolution and interpersonal relationships.  In addition to these tools, I also encourage my clients to discover their internal resiliencies that can be enhanced to build better self-esteem and problem-solving abilities.

In terms of my therapeutic style, I provide my clients with an experience that is interactive, dynamic and collaborative.  I individually tailor treatment to the specific needs and goals of my clients and I can work on either a short or long-term basis.  I take great care in building a solid relationship with my clients, which includes meeting them where they are in their lives, focusing on their strengths, and empowering them to reach a higher degree of self-awareness and authenticity.  I also pride myself on being relatable and creating an environment where my clients feel heard and valued.

I completed my undergraduate and graduate education at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.  I have worked in numerous mental health settings and with many different populations throughout my career.  My education and previous work experiences have contributed to the rich worldview and layered practice perspective that I apply to each therapy session.